Let's shift the narrative of Web3 in Washington, DC

Jul 11, 2023

A lack of voices fighting for the cause combined with toxic negativity, limited understanding, technical and compliance barriers, and the industry’s disjointed messaging has resulted in regulatory uncertainty domestically and diminished American economic competitiveness.

Enter FOUND3R. Based in Washington, DC, we're stepping up to collaborate with partners and aim to create a more unified voice that Web3 needs. We're shifting the narrative with positive stories repeatedly and creating spaces where people can learn, talk, and push for fair and responsible Web3 adoption.

We believe in collaboration, not competition. To that end, we hope to work with trade associations, coalitions, think tanks, policy teams and advocacy organizations to align and work together.

Our goal? Clear up the confusion and help America get back in the tech game and ensure our community of entrepreneurs, builders and innovators maintain a seat at the table.